Bridging Real and Digital

By the very definition, the elearning industry has evolved over the years with the evolution of technology. Now there is a new revolutionary way to communicate in the industry, experience API (xAPI or Tin Can API). This learning technology bridges the digital world and the real world allowing the tracking of online and offline learning experiences. xAPI collects data unlike anything before.

xAPI is a new specification that track learning by the learning experience. The API captures data in a consistent format whether through online training, watching a video, or performing any learning activity. Job performance data or training data can be converged with activity streams, allowing to identify what works and what doesn’t in the online training course.

So far, SCORM is the technology that e-learning industry has been using to communicate between the online learning content and Learning Management System. xAPI is the up and coming specification that allows you to maintain control over content delivery, launch e-learning content outside an LMS, track user experience, navigate learner across various content, and prevent cheating in a simple and flexible manner. Offline learning and collaborative learning can be recognized and communicated well with the xAPI technology.

This new specification has better flexibility than other technology that has been used in the e-learning industry.

Recording Experiences

Learning is a continuous process, it can be through the internet, in classrooms, by interacting with others or beyond. What’s interesting with xAPI is that, all these learnings can be recorded. And the recordings can be done by sending a secure statement in the form of ‘Object’, ‘Verb’, ‘Noun’ or “I did this” to a learning record store (LSR), which can be shared with other LSRs.

The Experience API is an elegant solution for making learning systems communicate with one another. This technology is being evolving every day and helping e-learning solution providers solve hard problems in making the standard the best that it can be.

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