Today, L&D teams need to think of innovative ideas to train the new age workforce. Traditionally, employees were given a fixed training schedule and they had to attend training sessions in person. While this strategy worked for a while, organizations leaders soon realized that this was not suitable for new-age learners. What makes today’s millennial generation different is their preference to learn at their own pace and upskill through continuous learning. The term “millennial” refers to the generation of digital learners who are comfortable adapting to the latest technologies. This generation has always had access to the Internet and other valuable resources. They do not depend on classroom training and shift towards the more flexible and interactive approach of eLearning. This helps them hone their skills, engage more, and learn faster. This is the reason why most organizations adopt modern training delivery methods to reach out to the growing number of millennials at the workplace.

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Effective Training Methods to Engage Millennials

The modern learning environment has transformed and is continuously evolving. There are several training modalities and remote training methods available that can cater to the changing needs of millennials. There are numerous ways that make modern training delivery methods a great way to engage employees:

  • Creating Opportunities to Boost Engagement
  • When developing training content, organizations must consider the diverse learning needs and interests of their modern workforce. It is essential to provide short bursts of training content so learners can access relevant information at their convenience and individual priorities. You can create different learning opportunities in the form of online courses, short videos, podcasts, project-specific demonstrations, and various other research materials that can keep the millennial learners engaged and helps them upskill as well.

  • Leveraging Self-paced eLearning Approach
  • Self-paced online learning is a fantastic approach for millennial learners to undergo training at their own pace. Delivering online courses in the form of short quizzes, mini-games, interactive videos, and others helps improve knowledge retention and engagement. Bite-sized eLearning content enables learners to consume the most relevant information in the easiest and fastest way possible. In addition, this modern training delivery method creates a positive learning experience in an innovative and fun manner.

  • Focusing More on Collaborative Learning
  • Collaborative learning is another successful training delivery method that allows millennials to optimize knowledge from peers. This enables learners to effectively engage with their team members, share innovative ideas, and improve with feedback. Collaborative tools such as discussion forums, chat rooms, and others also benefit learners to participate, brainstorm actively, and support each other to solve everyday problems.

  • Adding Feedback to Training
  • Millennials need to build a strong network of people who can guide them to the right path, and feedback plays an important role. They are more open to the collaborative learning environment and therefore feel happy to get feedback while discovering new workplace policies and cultural norms. Feedback serves as a powerful construct in eLearning, which can be leveraged to improve training effectiveness and business efficiency.

The Final Word

Organizations are adopting the modern training delivery methods that best suit the bespoke learning needs and interests of the millennial generation. So, always keep the culture and the diverse needs of learners in mind as you adopt an effective training delivery method.

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