If you are looking for ways you can speed up the time to competency of employees in training, you may want to consider if outsourcing with a managed learning services partner is right for your company. A managed learning services vendor can provide your organization with assistance in every phase of the learners lifecyle. They can create alignment and speed up the entire training and development process.

Many organizations choose different learning outsourcing and training services to help speed up the development process. Outsourcing also helps reduce the workload of your internal l&d team. However, for organizations who are truly looking to optimize their training programs, speed up the learner lifecyle and provide quality learning experiences partnering with an organization with managed learning services is a great way to level up your training employee game.

What is the learning lifecycle?

Every learners journey can be broken down into 3 phases. The first is the pre-training phase. This is phase is about building awareness and spreading the word about new learning opportunities. Pre-training is also the phase where employees sign up and do any preparation before the training takes place. Promoting engagement early on sets your employees up for success.

The second phase is about the initial training activities. This is phase where employees participate and actively learn new skills. The type of training they participate in and the delivery method will vary as there are many to choose from and each have different benefits.

Post training is the third and final phase in the learners lifecycle. This phase is often overlooked, but is essential if you wish to maximize the impact of your learning programs. This phase is about continuing learning outside of the ‘classroom’ and providing additional support to learners. This phase helps to increase both knowledge retention and application. Common post training activities include assessments, worksheets, guidebooks, meetings with mentors, PDFs and printouts.

How can training outsourcing with a managed learning services partner accelerate this lifecycle?

To shed some light on how this works we have shared the top 3 ways a managed learning services partner can accelerate learning and catalyze growth.

Vendor Consolidation

Any vendor manager will tell you that supplier management can quickly become a complicated process when you are juggling and managing multiple partnerships. A partner with managed learning services options can help you simplify this process because they are able to provide you a wide range of services in one place. This can save you both time and money by consolidating and speeding up the entire process.

Better Aligned Training Programs

A common problem that arises when you partner with multiple vendors is that they are each working on different pieces throughout the learner lifecycle which can sometimes create misalignment. Working with an experienced MLS partner not only ensures that your entire program is aligned, but that your program is also aligned with your business objectives. This greatly improves both the quality of the learning experiences your provide but also the impact of the program.

Streamline Learning

A MLS partner can help your organization identify the best ways you can create a standardized comprehensive training program while reducing the amount of time needed for training. This could be by finding the right training strategies such as microlearning, video-based learning or another form of training content depending on your needs. Their expert knowledge and experience will help them know which strategies will be the most useful to your organization. They can also find ways to simplify the entire development process because they have an entire team of experts in every category from instruction, design work, content development and delivery.

Wrap Up

If you are considering outsourcing your learning needs, but are worried about the complications of vendor management, a MLS partner could be the right solution for your organization. Managed learning services can help you consolidate your learning vendors, align your training programs and streamline the entire development process. To find out more read the brochure Partnering with Companies to Transform their Human Capital and learn how we have created winning learning solutions for industry leaders.

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