An innovative and emerging learning strategy, Micro learning, refers to short, focused, comprehensive, and stand-alone learning assets, usually designed to meet definite learning outcomes and fill knowledge gaps.

Creating effective micro learning is not an easy task. To be effective small, relevant, and digestible information must be provided in an engaging package that closes immediate knowledge gaps.

Here is an infographic guide with 8 tips to keep in mind when developing micro learning. Enjoy!


Sudarshana Ghosh

About the author: Sudarshana Ghosh is a Learning and Development Professional with over 7 years of experience in the Instructional Design and eLearning domain. An adaptable individual, she hashands on experience in handling and coordinating varied types of projects for a wide range of domestic and international clientele. With a Masters Degree in Political Science and a B.Ed degree, she started her career as an educationist and taught in various reputed schools all over the country. Currently, she is working as an Instructional Designer in InfoPro Learning.

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