Over the last year and a half, organizations have been making changes to their products and services to better meet evolving customer needs. Product training programs have long been an effective tool to help employees learn about new products and features. In addition, having the ability to answer any questions is critical to delivering quality customer service. However, L&D trends and strategies have also recently changed. As a result, many of the more traditional training strategies and methods are no longer effective. To help you navigate the shifting learning landscape, we have shared the top 4 ways you can improve product training programs for 2021 and beyond.

Develop Role-Based Learning Journeys

Enterprise organizations often have to find ways to teach multiple departments across the globe about new products. In addition, employees in different roles and regions often need to learn different information. For example, a new service provided by an insurance agency may have subtle differences in policy terms in different regions. In these cases, a one size fits all training program is not the most effective approach to product training.

Developing Role-based learning journeys is one easy way you can improve the quality of these programs. Developing training content for employees in specific roles can reduce the amount of time needed for training, boost engagement and increase knowledge retention. Role-based learning journeys ensure that employees are only learning the information that is most relevant to their individual needs.

Create Remote-Friendly Training Content

A year and a half ago, a significant segment of the workforce transitioned into remote work from home positions. This transition was initially planned to be temporary, but many organizations started to shift their plans as time went on.

As we begin to move forward, many businesses have decided to adopt more flexible workplace models. Some organizations plan to continue working in an entirely remote capacity. In contrast, others plan to adopt hybrid workplace models that allow employees to alternate their schedules between the office and home.

Adopting remote-friendly product knowledge training (pkt training) can help you build a more resilient L&D plan that increases business agility no matter your workplace plans for the future. Replacing instructor-led sessions with a blend of VILT and online training modules will help your business continuously provide sales training no matter their location.


Provide Support Materials

Another way you can improve the effectiveness of your product training programs for your sales teams is by providing continuous support. Unfortunately, people forget a significant amount of what they have learned within a week. However, providing continuous support can increase knowledge retention and lead to higher rates of application.

Providing reference materials, short videos, printable PDFs, or posters can also be valuable tools employees can use while on the job if they need to refresh their memories. This will help ensure that they remember critical details regarding features and benefits that will improve customer experiences.

Utilize Training Delivery Methods that Build Context

Many organizations have been wondering how they can help employees develop product knowledge effectively in online environments. One training delivery method that is often overlooked is the use of scenario-based simulations. These learning modules guide learners through the life-like scenario they may encounter on the job. During the simulations, learners use critical thinking and apply the concepts they have learned throughout the journey.

These simulations help learners gain a deeper understanding of the concepts they are learning by building context. The use of storytelling and interactive elements helps learners not just gain the needed knowledge base but also how it can be applied in real life while on the job.

Final Note

Today having high-quality employee training programs is an important part of successfully facilitating organizational changes. An effective quality product training program can help your organization improve customer service and equip your employee with the skills they need for success. Learn more about the L&D trends that are helping the business move forward and watch the webinar replay From Surviving to Thriving Overcoming Today’s L&D Challenges.

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