Sales & Customer Service

Whether your employees are selling to customers or servicing customers to retain them, there is strong need for them to embrace a skill set that taps into the human factors to create new sales and to retain and celebrate customers. Creating such a culture requires a focused approach to selling and customer service principles, steps and skills.

Professional sales people learn a range of essential sales skills in our SellingSmart® program. This rich modular approach to sales training can be delivered in a series of 90-minute workshops, or as stand-alone sessions, or as a complete three-day program.

Topics covered include prospecting, building rapport, probing for needs, matching benefits to needs, handling objections, closing the sale and customer retention. Each activity-driven module uses different methodologies to attain the desired learning results.

Self-assessments are an integral part of the program and can be adapted to each organization’s needs – either DISC or LIFO® is used, based on client preferences. Custom case studies and examples can be researched and tailored for each client. All modules create a learning environment through the use of individual, pair, and small group activities, large group discussions, practicing with real world case studies, videos and games.

Sales & Customer Service Programs
  • Leading a Customer-focused Culture
  • Strengthening Client Relationships
  • Commitment to Extraordinary Service
  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Networking for Success
  • Selling SMART

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