Leadership Development Strategy

Three out of every four organizations fail to align their leadership programs with their business strategies. Infopro Learning has a time-effective process for collaborating and creating a dynamic learning strategy aligned with business priorities and the culture of the organization.

We break down our approach into several steps:

1. Organizational Assessment: We work with senior leaders to document current state versus future state within the context of the culture and business priorities

2. Gap Analysis: We conduct surveys/focus groups to validate senior leadership perceptions and create buy-in.

3. Tactical Plans: We create project plans with clearly defined milestones, roles and responsibilities.

Additionally, in response to and in anticipation of the changing demands of leaders in the digital age and beyond, Infopro Learning has developed a new model for leadership development:

Our Transformational Leader Model emphasizes the attributes that leaders need to embrace in order to navigate organizational change in the digital age. This model provides a roadmap to focus leaders on priorities for success.

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Future Leadership Development

Industry Expert

“We must consider that traditional leadership development programs may not adequately prepare our future leaders to be successful in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) business climate of the digital age. This means we need to start looking at leadership development through a new lens.”

Kathy Sherwood
Director of Leadership & OD

Our Approach

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