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Performance Improvement is a methodology used by InfoPro for identifying an appropriate solution to ensure “good”, “worthy”, and “desired” performance.

5 Ways Training Content Depreciates (and how to stop it)

Here at Infopro Learning, we’re no strangers to content development (Top 20 content development company 6 times running). We’re also no strangers to content depreciation. We’ve been developing mobile learning, elearning, virtual instructor led training, and such for over 20 years, and a lot has changed. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but ignoring content…

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How to Buy Learning and Development in 6 Steps (Infographic)

We’ve been talking a lot about how to buy learning lately, such as the challenge of learning and development outsourcing, and how to create an eLearning outsourcing strategy, and how to select a training outsourcing company. The reason we have been talking so much about outsourcing is because we believe that most companies are not…

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Introduction to Performance Consulting

In the last couple of years, performance improvement has become a key focus area for organizations across the world. To maintain a competitive advantage and increase their company’s market share, business leaders are increasingly investing in performance consulting. But, what exactly is performance consulting? And why is it so important? What is performance consulting? Performance…

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7 Ways Online Training Can Fill In Performance Gaps

Do you want to improve workplace productivity? Do your employees have the skills they need to tackle tasks and increase profits? In this article, I’ll explore 7 ways that online training can help you fill performance gaps in your organization. How Online Training Can Fill In Performance Gaps Performance gaps are the thorn in your…

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