The Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance industry is crucial to a country’s economy. To remain competitive, companies are diversifying their product mix and also enhancing their procedures and operations. These rapid changes lead to a volatile situation where employee preparedness may not be in alignment with organizational growth. However, people and knowledge are valuable assets to the service -based, fast growing and ever-changing BFSI industry, where training plays an important role in enhancing and preserving these assets.

InfoPro understands that emerging technologies and compliance requirements drive BFSI training needs.

InfoPro develops performance-led learning solutions including:
  • Functional training:

    • Compliance training
    • Process/procedure training
    • Sales/professional and retails skills
    • Product training
    • Infrastructure management
    • Soft skills training
    • Leadership
    • Customer service training
  • Retail, investment, and commercial banking trainings:
  • Finance and accounts trainings:
  • ERP trainings

Industry Expert

“Companies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in creating brand new content, just to forget about it a couple of years later. Our goal is to revitalize that content and then create a strategy for extending the shelf life of all learning assets in the future.”

Abhash Singh
Learning Program Manager

Our Approach

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