With a rich history in fostering economic growth and supporting Northern European economies, this financial services leader embarked on a strategic shift. Facing tightening industry regulations and intensified competition for talent, they prioritized enhancing employee experiences. The solution? A strategic partnership with Infopro Learning to revamp their onboarding program for new leaders.

Award-winning Onboarding Program


After carefully reviewing the feedback from their already established digital onboarding program for new leaders, they discovered that a comprehensive learning journey complete with support materials was needed. Learners valued the content but wanted additional support and tools they could use while on the job.

The main objective of the new program was to achieve the following:

  • Speed up the transition of the leaders to their new roles
  • Clarify leadership expectations
  • Provide additional support to new leaders
Set Goals

Infopro Learning partnered with this financial leader to re-create a comprehensive learning journey complete with learning materials to further support learners in the workplace.

  • Activating Learner Engagement
    Each learning module was equipped with animations, activities, and visuals to maximize learner engagement.
  • Creating Complete Journeys
    Infopro Learning worked closely with the organization's leadership team to create a learning journeys for each specific leadership role that addressed the expectations and responsibilities of each leadership role.
  • Providing Support Materials
    The Infopro Learning team created a series of downloadable PDF materials that employees could use after completing the program to reinforce key concepts.

The new online leadership program was well received by employees. Participants actively use the additional materials created, and there has been an increase in positive feedback from participants.

  • 12% boost in the net promoter score (NPS):
    The program was positively received and substantially increased the organization's NPS.
  • 22% rise in the positive impact score:
    Following the program's launch, the program received a jump in positive feedback.
  • High volume of downloads:
    The PDF materials provided in the program have received 10 times more voluntary downloads.

How We Helped


Learning Strategy

Infopro Learning worked with this industry leader to develop a comprehensive learning strategy to maximize learner engagement.


Learning Content

Working with the organization’s team of internal experts, Infopro Learning created animations, activities, and support materials for each learning journey.



The Infopro Learning team created interactive activities for each concept and learning module in the online training program.


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