Digital transformations are on the rise and with digital transformation comes new software. Providing your organizations with high-quality, comprehensive software adoption training is one the most effective ways you can increase adoption rates. However, much like many other industries, the world of L&D has significantly changed over the last year. To help you better navigate these changes. We have shared the top software adoption best practices for 2021 and beyond.

Develop a Remote-Friendly Adoption Strategy

Covid-19 was the catalyst for the rapid digital shift we have seen recently. This shift has caused many organizations to implement more flexible work environments. Many employees now work from home at least part of the time. The remote workforce has to learn an entirely new set of tools to work in these environments successfully. Organizations in every industry are also adopting new software to adapt to changing customer needs.

The growth of the remote workforce and fluctuating safety restrictions have created a need for software adoption plans that address the needs of employees who work remotely. Organization-wide changes in software are more successful with increased levels of accessibility. Implementing a blended online strategy can help your organization’s user adoption rates by offering training in a more flexible format that increases accessibility.

Develop Role-Based Learning Journeys

Enterprise organizations are often faced with the added challenge of providing organization-wide training for users who will be utilizing the software features differently. Enterprise applications are often more complex due to their often being several different user types who need to learn different information.

In scenarios where there are different roles or departments that need to know different information regarding new technology developing role-based learning journeys can be useful. Developing learning paths for different user types will keep the training content relevant, speed up the training process and prevent information overload.

Implement an Awareness Campaign

Successful software implementation should be approached as a long-term process. Driving adoption is about more than simply providing training for employees. A successful user adoption process helps reduce resistance to change by highlighting the benefits of both the new software and user training.

Developing an awareness campaign can help you share this information and build up excitement around the training program. Spreading awareness and highlighting benefits can significantly increase training session participation rates.

Integrate Opportunities for Practice

Another strategy used in many successful software adoption plans is providing opportunities for practice to take place. This looks a little different today than it did just a year ago. Now that many employees are working on distributed teams, it is now important than ever before that experiential learning is provided in digital ways online.

Scenario-based learning modules are one effective way you can help learners practice skills in an online environment. Simulations have employees work through life-like scenarios and give them choices to select. This process is risk-free and helps to build context around each topic.

EPSS tools or electronic performance support systems help learners by guiding them through more technical processes. These provide the added value of building training into the flow of work. They guide learners through each step with icons and simple instructions.

Utilize Learning Analytics for Optimization

One of the top benefits of eLearning is that you can use tools such as learning analytics to optimize your training programs. Scheduling and implementing a regular review process can help you maximize the effectiveness of your corporate training materials. Learning analytics can help you find valuable insights regarding learner behavior. You can use this information to determine which content is the most effective or engaging. It can also be used to determine potential issues and content that may need to be adjusted more quickly.

Final Word

Today the adoption of new technology is needed to streamline daily processes and to increase business agility. Implementing a high-quality software adoption program is one of the best ways you can improve adoption rates and implement a successful digital transformation. Infopro Learning has more than 25 years of experience in creating customized training solutions for enterprise organizations. Learn more and read the case study Digital Software Adoption Training.

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