Sales Training

The majority of buyers are 50 percent through their purchasing life cycle before the time they meet a sales representative. Some companies look at this statistic optimistically because it means less work for their team, but it is quite the opposite. It is far more difficult to sell your product to the educated customer of today because they come to the table prepared to ask difficult questions and demand that your sales team produces the correct answer.

InfoPro Learning has created a turnkey approach for unlocking the potential of your salesforce through its comprehensive sales training solutions. Using the proprietary “ARISE” model, InfoPro will produce quantifiable sales performance improvement across all of the metrics that matter to your sales team, and not just the bottom line. This multi-disciplinary approach blends Sales Skills, Product Knowledge, and Brand Affinity to create a well-rounded sales person. This information is delivered through a blend of learning activities; role-plays/simulations, mobile learning, WBT, and classroom sessions.

Whether you need training for your team, your sales channels, or your customers the proprietary “ARISE” model will ensure all stakeholders will have the training they need.

Product Training for a Distributed Workforce

Industry Expert

“What I have found to be most rewarding in the Challenger Sales world we live in, is investing in product knowledge before all other areas.”

Arun Prakash
Chief Learning Strategist

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