GnosisConnect LMS

AN LMS so easy to use,
you won’t need training

Built to manage a true blended learning environment, and delivered on desktop and mobile devices to provide access to information, when, and how you want it. Partnering with the world’s premier cloud provider, Amazon, GnosisConnect is deployed on their cloud environment to improve reliability, speed, and security of your LMS, while decreasing the cost of ownership by 40%.

  • The most simple and intuitive LMS on the market today
  • The most customizable, easy to integrate, and agile platform
  • The most comprehensive product support and training concierge. Available 24/7

6 ways GnosisConnect LMS works for your business
  • Simple

    The most elegantly simple enterprise LMS. Intuitive and attractive design to maximize adoption and ease of use.

  • Learning Centric

    Designed by the experts who understand how people learn, better than anyone else, and who have poured their knowledge into the product.

  • Customizable

    The most customizable, easy to integrate, and agile platform that will meet your needs now and will be flexible to meet your needs tomorrow.

  • Low Cost

    The easiest to understand pricing model. No user fee. No hosting fee. No Hassle.

  • Support

    Unlimited support for any product related issues and consistent product updates to keep you on the ‘cutting edge’.

  • Mobile Ready

    Your learners are mobile. It is time your LMS is mobile too.

Three more reasons why GnosisConnect LMS is the right choice for you…
  • Actionable reports & analytics

    Effortless reporting tools and customizable dashboards.

  • Cloud ready

    Cloud deployed, Gartner-rated, and best-in-class cloud infrastructure—Amazon Web Services, to decrease the cost of ownership and increase reliability.

  • Hassle free implementation

    Do you want a new LMS, but you are afraid of losing your valuable data? Let the experts at InfoPro explain our simplified, step-by-step, 30-day, migration process.

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“My entire experience of implementing GnosisConnect LMS was much more simple than I experienced from our previous provider and learning how to use the product could not have been easier.”

Director, Global Workforce Training