A pioneer in mobile technology, InfoPro has experience building programs dating back to Palm Pilots. At that time, mobile learning was highly associated with cutting-edge technology, but there were simply not enough users for it to take off. Once this problem was solved, many companies opened the flood gates for mobile learning, only to be disappointed with the results.

InfoPro Learning strongly believes this is not a problem with mobile technology, but with the application of this learning platform and a lack of a solid use case. For mobile learning to be successful, you need a reason to push learning through a mobile device in the first place. Some common use cases we have solved are:

  1. My field technicians are in the field 95 percent of the time, without internet, and training on-demand for specific install/delivery related issues.
  2. Our leadership team is constantly on the go and rarely has the time to sit down behind their computers. Also, they use their smartphones during work more than any other group.
  3. My sales team can rarely spare time for a mandatory conference call and they despise being locked up in anything for more than 30 minutes at a time.

To solve these use cases, and several others, InfoPro Learning has created MOBILIZE. MOBILIZE is the fastest and most cost-effective way to provide mobile learning to your employees. This solution leverages your existing training portfolio to rapidly chunk, templatize, meta tag and deploy a library of Mobisodes (mobile video training capsules).

Put more simply, InfoPro’s MOBILIZE solution provides a pain-free way to recognize the promise of mobile learning.

Fortune publishing company takes learning to the streets with InfoPro Learning’s MOBILIZE Solution

Industry Expert

“Everyone I talk with believes mobile learning needs to be more complicated than WBT, but we have found it to be the opposite. Once we understood HOW someone wants to learn on a mobile device, implementation was quite easy.”

Arun Prakash
Chief Learning Strategist

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