A courageous leader shares power, puts the needs of others first, helps individuals develop and optimize performance, is willing to learn from others, and prioritizes long- term vision over short-term gain. Courageous leaders concentrate on performance planning, day-to-day coaching, and helping people achieve.

A courageous leader isn’t threatened by the ideas and inputs of others. Instead, they regularly seek out feedback and consider the opinions of others. This type of behavior encourages innovation and accelerates business growth.

The Courageous Leadership workshop taps into participants’ own experiences where the connection between serving and leading is established to form a working framework of servant leadership. Participants explore a practical model, plus the key practices and characteristics of a servant leader through hands-on activities and discussions about their real world.

Business Impact

Leaders develop great ability to inspire high levels of positive intent and trust throughout the organization.

Leaders become better equipped to have transformational coaching conversations with individual on their team.

Innovation, creativity, and problem-solving are enhanced when leaders embrace the concepts of courageous leadership.

Communication is improved at every level of the organization resulting in fewer misunderstandings and mistakes.

Courageous leaders become “models” for other employees to develop a similar level of self-awareness.

Courageous leaders remove hurdles employees face enabling them to provide excellent customer service.

Learning Journey


  • Introduction
  • Leadership Goals
    and Challenges
  • Courageous
    Leadership Framework
  • Courageous
    Leadership Plan (CLP)
  • Courageous
    Leader as Coach
Leadership Challenges
  • Changes to be adapted
    to while leading teams
  • Leadership and
    business challenges
Leadership Framwork
  • Personal Board of Directors
  • Leadership Values
  • Culminating Activity


  • Peer Coaching Meetings
  • Support and Feedback in Coaching
  • Design Individual Action Plan

Learning Objectives

Experienced Facilitators

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