Why You Need to Rethink Your Leadership Development Strategy

The key to successful leadership development for modern organizations is finding a perfect balance between knowledge-exchange, action and reflection. Leadership expert Kathy Sherwood shares why organizations need to reevaluate their leadership development strategy and empower leaders who will drive future business success. With real-life examples and use-cases, the session provides an insightful look into practical examples of how to strategize, create and implement a leadership development program – best suited and aligned to your organizational goals.

Organizations need to adopt leadership models that are aligned with the needs of the modern workplace. To drive business success, we must encourage leaders to engage more with employees and motivate them to work for organizational goals. For this, leaders need to be continually inspired to drive their own development and anticipate the ways that they can improve their skills to effectively lead the organization for greater success.

Infopro Learning’s leadership offerings are designed to empower leaders to ‘self-reflect’ and drive their own learning. Based on a robust ‘Evolutionary Development Model’, Infopro Learning empowers organizational leaders to play an active role in their own leadership development.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The skills, behaviors and mindsets that modern leaders must embody and cultivate in others
  • A breakdown of our Evolutionary Development leadership training model
  • Real-life use cases for first-time, front-line and middle-level leaders