Our programs can be tailored to address the critical need to strengthen the ultimate performance of cross-functional, remote or intact teams. Companies with cross-functional teams have a competitive advantage by bringing together diverse minds to focus on business needs. Intact teams often require interventions at such critical junctures such as start-ups or derailments. At each juncture, different strategies are required and when applied can lead to a dramatic difference in team commitment and business results.

During these programs, team members have the opportunity for practicing team tools and techniques to enhance their effectiveness and leadership capability. Participants practice with a comprehensive toolkit that they will use on the job to address issues that support teams in various stages of team development.

Topics covered include the importance of developing goals, leveraging diversity, and encouraging participation, collaboration and feedback. These topics are discussed and coupled with experiential and other activities that help participants use techniques for leveraging team diversity and giving feedback, while encouraging team participation in decision making.

Teambuilding Programs
  • Cross-functional Team Essentials
  • Making Teams Work
  • Building Business Partnerships
  • Managing Remote Teams

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