Simulation-Based Learning

It is a virtual world we train in.

Simulations offer an alternative to real-world environments where learners can learn to be competent for their jobs. It is particularly useful in aviation, medicine, and manufacturing. In these areas it may not be possible to let employees learn “on the job” as the cost and risks might be high. Training new hires on applications and products is a preferred way and refresher training for a wider audience. These solutions are scalable, flexible, portable, and affordable. Learners get a good feel of the product without ever touching it and the training is put to use immediately.

Our Offerings
  • Create a scaled-down version of client software application with multiple paths for learners to explore.
  • Create 3D virtual representation of work environment incorporating important details for effective learner engagement.
  • Produce audio, video, text, and assessment content to engage learner’s journey through the simulation.
  • Review traditional training programs and recommend suitable simulations to increase training effectiveness.
  • Create dashboards to monitor learner progress and dynamically vary complexity.

Industry: Healthcare | Simulated Surgical Training

Industry Expert

“Companies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in creating brand new content, just to forget about it a couple of years later. Our goal is to revitalize that content and then create a strategy for extending the shelf life of all learning assets in the future.”

Abhash Singh
Learning Program Manager

Our Approach

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