Project Management

Our project management workshops have been successfully delivered in the U.S. and globally for a variety of industries. These programs provide highly interactive training and tools that address the entire project management lifecycle from initiating the project through the project close. All of these programs can be customized to include each client’s internal project management processes and tools, as well as the breakthrough SimulTrain® experience.

Companies that adopt a proven project management approach will strengthen the success rates of projects as well as accelerate the project completion. In our programs, teams learn how to apply these tools to expand the ability to meet project timing and cost requirements. Such topics as resource allocation and gaining buy-in from project sponsors, key stakeholders and team members are covered. Participants learn to define the strategic value and scope of their programs, anticipate and manage scope changes, assess project outcomes against plans, and provide value-added feedback to everyone involved in each project.

As an option, clients can incorporate the computer-based SimulTrain® simulation. Just as with airline pilots, the need to train, test and prepare people to face challenges in a controlled but stressful environment helps to produce eminently capable and professional talent. The system offers the simulation of a selected project encompassing all the events that typically occur in a real-life situation.

Project Management Programs
  • Progessional Project Management
  • Project Planning Essentials
  • Project Management Simulation

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