InfoPro Learning believes technology can be the biggest enabler for an effective learning strategy. The iEnable service reviews all existing software used for learning and measures the effectiveness of that application to determine if it should be continued. The service also involves a review of the Annual Performance Learning Plan to ensure all of the appropriate technology has been procured.

iEnable Learning Stack:

  • Learning Platform Hosting

    InfoPro Learning will manage all hosting for GnosisLMS, and client provided LMS on a case-by-case basis. Hosting includes providing necessary infrastructure to accommodate the learner base and type/size of content in the learning content library. InfoPro Learning will also ensure all technology is in place to securely allow for delivery of mobile content that may be consumed out of network.
  • Learning Platform Operations

    Managing all technology platforms and tools, performing scheduled hardware and software maintenance, providing network support, installing application patches and updates, and resolving user and system issues as they arise.
  • LMS Administration

    Whether GnosisLMS is chosen for the LMS, or a similar LMS product, InfoPro Learning will handle the administration processes of user registration, course evaluation, catalog maintenance, course maintenance, master file uploading and user profile management.
  • Content Hosting and Access

    InfoPro Learning will host all learning content, but will not take over ownership of content. All content not created by InfoPro Learning that does not already exist in the LMS tool will be inspected and tested to ensure it is properly functioning and virus free.

If you are looking for a one-stop solution for all your learning technology needs, InfoPro Learning has developed proprietary learning applications to streamline all of the processes performed by L&D organizations.

GnosisLMS: Recognized by Brandon Hall, GnosisMOBILE is an award-winning cloud-based LMS solution that can be deployed in under 30 days. With intuitive workflows and user-specific dashboards, GnosisLMS was designed to minimize the time spent navigating the LMS, to maximize the time spent on consuming content, and decrease administration work.

GnosisMOBILE: An interface designed specifically for mobile users of Gnosis LMS, GnosisMOBILE allows learners to consume content from any device and even has the ability to save content locally on the device, removing the need of internet connectivity. Once connected again, all offline activity automatically is synched with GnosisLMS.

GnosisAUTHOR: The easiest course authoring application. This cloud-based product focuses on a core set of features that L&D practitioners use most often; content meta-tagging, one-click publishing, web-based templates, and mobile-ready course templates.

GnosisCOLLABORATE: Solves the problem of social learning through a user-generated content strategy that is integrated into a gamification approach, where users are rewarded and recognized for great content. For advanced users, GnosisCOLLABORATE also acts as the virtual meeting place for all webinars and virtual training.

  1. Design and develop software connects
  2. LMS/ LCMS connects
  3. HRIS, MIS, TMS connects
  4. EPSS/ Third party tool connect
  5. Learning portal integration
  6. Use of project management tools and technologies
  7. PM tools (JIRA, Confluence, SharePoint)
  8. Ticketing systems
  9. Configuration management tools
  1. Seamless integration with existing systems and tools
  2. Ease of Monitoring and taking actions based on exceptions
  3. New tools and systems that act as interfaces for existing systems, if required

Fortune publishing company takes learning to the streets with InfoPro Learning’s MOBILIZE Solution

Industry Expert

“Companies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in creating brand new content, just to forget about it a couple of years later. Our goal is to revitalize that content and then create a strategy for extending the shelf life of all learning assets in the future.”

Abhash Singh
Learning Program Manager

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