Learning Effectiveness Evaluation

In order to measure learning effectiveness, it is necessary to build a picture of the effectiveness of the training activities at various levels. The measurements will then provide the detailed data required to calculate the effectiveness and value of the training program, which in turn leads to the ROI calculation.

We help organizations collect and analyze the performance data they need to gain real management insights into their organizations. Our experienced team and tested practices assist clients to design, compile and analyze performance indicators for all areas of the organization.

Our four-step process ensures that the impact of your training is effectively measured, and is fully appreciated by all the stakeholders:

Identify the training investment:
  • Identify the purpose of the training.
  • Outline business objectives the solution is intended to address.
  • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) that will show achievement of the intended objectives.
Isolate the role of the training solution:
  • Outline the contribution of the training initiative to overall business outcomes.
  • Consider other initiatives that may contribute to the overall performance improvement.
Build a detailed and specific evaluation plan:
  • Incremental assessment plan to measure performance outcomes
  • Define the metrics and approach
  • Design flexibility for learning and performance initiatives with changing business goals and objectives
Define assumptions and barriers:
  • Assess the impact of other factors on potential ROI measurements
  • Predict any foreseeable challenges and a mitigation plan

Product Training for a Distributed Sales Force

Industry Expert

“Companies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in creating brand new content, just to forget about it a couple of years later. Our goal is to revitalize that content and then create a strategy for extending the shelf life of all learning assets in the future.”

Abhash Singh
Learning Program Manager

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