Leadership & Management

Today’s business leaders want consistent execution of strategy by people who truly understand speed to market, strategic thinking, adaptability to change and the real meaning of leadership and accountability at every level. At the same time, they are charged with ensuring that people on their teams achieve excellence. Empirical research suggests that effective leaders connect with others through feelings, compassion and resonance (emotions). Good leadership is a two-way interaction, not a series of one-way directives.

Our leadership development programs provide a proven framework for motivating each person to maximize his or her own strengths and to focus on areas needing development. Leadership is an “inside out” process that starts with a deep awareness of styles, strengths and weaknesses. It is only with this self-awareness that leaders can become role models who are strong enough to have tough but important conversations that can turn around performance and impact their employees’ careers.

During participation in our programs, senior leaders and managers consider their legacy and new managers learn what’s needed to make a successful transition from individual contributor to manager. Participants use DISC and other assessments to learn to adapt their leadership styles to the needs of their employees. Using our blended learning programs, leaders and managers explore motivation, delegation, coaching, mentoring, feedback, behavior-based interviewing, fostering talent and leveraging differences.

Leadership & Management Programs
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
  • Leader as Coach
  • Navigating Change
  • Mentoring High Potentials
  • Tackling Difficult Conversations
  • High-Performing Manager Series
  • Leveraging Your Time
  • Intentional Delegation
  • Attracting and Retaining Talent
  • Performance Management Essentials
  • Selection Interviewing
  • Motivating Employees

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