Higher Education Solutions

University and school education is going through a dynamic change. In a world of digital natives, engaging and assessing students with new and innovative methods of higher education is the new imperative. Educators need to quickly and effectively transform content and deliver to meet the changing needs of today’s students.

InfoPro provides the next generation solutions and services that change the education is delivered today.

Higher Education Learning Services
  • Program Conceptualization
  • Content Development
  • Programs for on-ground courses
  • Courseware for online courses
  • Conversion Services
  • Translation Services
  • Assessment Services
Assessment Authoring
  • Assessment Engine Development
  • Learning Platforms
  • Gnosis- Our collaborative learning platform (Learn More)
We offer educational solutions at multiple levels of education:
  • Certification & diploma level programs
  • Associate’s level
  • Bachelor’s level
  • Master’s level

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Industry: Higher Education | HTML5 Adoption

Industry Expert

“Companies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in creating brand new content, just to forget about it a couple of years later. Our goal is to revitalize that content and then create a strategy for extending the shelf life of all learning assets in the future.”

Abhash Singh
Learning Program Manager

Our Approach

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