Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Virtually all learning executives and managers within the healthcare industry, regardless of whether the individual is at a CRO, hospital, pharmaceutical, or medical device company is faced with the monumental challenge of developing forward looking training within a framework of uncertain future regulatory, financial, and business strategies.

The big question for CLOs today is “Where should I spend my time and budget in order to maximize the impact of our training and produce the best return on investment?”

Fast forward to the current practice of healthcare/pharma/life sciences education, and training.

InfoPro helps healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations achieve seemingly daunting goals by designing learning and training solutions that deliver:

From sales, production, and customer support, we take pride in our team of healthcare and life sciences experts that deliver the inclusive value of industry perspectives with learning outcomes. Major areas around which we have helped our customers raise the performance bar are:

  • Online CME/CE/GME
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Sales training
  • Clinical Training/Therapeutic Training
  • Hospital Training/Simulated Surgical Training
  • Regulatory/Compliance Training
  • EMR/EHR/Hospital Systems Training
  • Medical Equipment/Product Training
  • Interactive Medical Animations/Simulations/Digital Assets

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Industry Expert

“Companies invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in creating brand new content, just to forget about it a couple of years later. Our goal is to revitalize that content and then create a strategy for extending the shelf life of all learning assets in the future.”

Abhash Singh
Learning Program Manager

Our Approach

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