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The energy industry operates in a highly regulated and complex environment. With nearly half of the workforce in the oil and gas industry expected to retire in the next ten years, the “big crew change” is a major concern for companies in this industry. Entry-level engineers, though digitally savvy, lack the machine operating experiences needed to troubleshoot problems specific to an aging fleet of machines.

Government regulations are constantly evolving and doing business internationally complicates things even further. This constant change and uncertainty means that oil and gas companies must be ready to change business processes and conform to new standards on an ongoing basis. Most organizations are not this flexible. Manual or outdated processes, lack of documentation and process repeatability, and an overall lack of agility when it comes to making operational changes pose a huge risk at a high cost.

InfoPro can help you address these challenges through comprehensive training and consulting strategies to maximize your workforce potential in the following areas:

  • Power generation Technical and Process Training
  • Energy Sales Training
  • Installation & Maintenance Training
  • Power Distribution & Delivery Training
  • Nuclear Plant Operations Training
  • Pipeline Operations Training

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