Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is an analytical response to variable subject matter, issues and problems. It has its roots in several modes of thinking – including scientific, mathematical, historical, anthropological, economic, moral and philosophical thinking. Critical thinking involves both deductive reasoning (using facts to arrive at a conclusion) and also inductive reasoning (using experience and probability to arrive at a conclusion).

Providing leaders and other professionals at all levels with a way of considering the importance of critical thinking to solve business problems is a key objective of our programs. Critical thinking has three important components – a set of information and belief generating “mindset”, plus skills and steps that can be used to guide behavior in a business setting.

Engaging associates at all levels to understand the importance of employing a belief system or mindset when solving business dilemmas can accelerate teamwork, especially in a matrix organization. Our programs provide a relevant framework to tackle today’s challenges with tools and techniques that can be leveraged in diverse settings.

Critical Thinking Programs
  • Critical Thinking Essentials
  • Problem Solving Strategies
  • Making the Best Decisions
  • Strategic Business Thinking
  • Creativity and Innovation

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