Unlike the other components of the iPerform model, iGovern cannot be a standalone service. It is the overarching project management, change management, and risk mitigation strategy involved in the day-to-day L&D related activities. It also includes reporting on timed intervals, as well as project deliverables.

Project Management: The cornerstone to every project is the project manager. InfoPro Learning’s project managers are hand selected for each project, based off the industry, size of company, and scope of the project. The average project manager would have over 10 years of experience managing large-scale learning projects and is continually trained on AGILE project management best practices.

Risk Mitigation: Experienced L&D professionals realize that at some point in time, every project will have a potential to fail. InfoPro Learning takes a proactive stance to risk by outlining all potentials for failure in a project, usually categorized into people, process, technology, and culture, and then creates a game plan for overcoming those obstacles as they arise.

Change Management: As the pace of innovation quickens, those companies which have the best change management strategies are able to leverage innovation to provide a leg up on the competition. InfoPro Learning’s change management is focused on increasing adoption percentages and employee satisfaction when new applications or processes are implemented.

Reporting: Depending on the engagement custom reports will be created to help manage all L&D related activities. This includes weekly status reports that detail how much content has been developed and delivered, as well as reports that detail the consumption and performance of training programs. Monthly reports are also provided which detail how well the organization is tracking against the annual training budget. All reports are automatically delivered to the appropriate parties and are stored in a document repository for easy access.

  1. Project management
  2. Project plan
  3. Periodic meetings (daily huddle, weekly status calls, etc.)
  4. Risk mitigation process and plans
  5. Change management process
  6. Online tool to monitor progress of the project
  7. Agile development methodology
  8. A variety of engagement models from fixed cost to flexi teams to offshore development centers
  1. Clarity on when to expect deliverables
  2. Day-to-day effort and project tracking for every assigned resource
  3. Communication polices that help you engage SMEs/ Stakeholders for reviews
  4. Transparency on critical points coming up for review
  5. Risk mitigation for overshooting budgets and schedules
  6. Evolving governance plan in tune with changing business realities

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