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Leadership Webinar Wisdom: Six Critical Elements for Engagement and Learning

Involving the Learner Webinars pose a challenge to the basic adult learning principle of involving the learner in experience-based activities that have immediate relevance to work. “Soft” skills or professional development skills webinars are harder to design than technical training webinars as designers must creatively turn instructor-led classroom activities into activities that grab the participants…

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10 Essentials for Developing Virtual Leaders

The number of virtual teams is growing in every organization as technology and communication make it easier for team members to collaborate and work together across regions, diverse geographies and time zones. There is a strong business case for augmenting your leadership development programs with training targeted for virtual team leaders because of the special…

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Everything You Need to Know About Learning and Development Modernization

Modernize Programs Increase ROI and Engagement With significant investments in content development, companies should search for ways to re-purpose content across various learning programs. Not only will this increase the ROI, but it will also help increase engagement by modernizing the look and feel of courses to match the changes in learner demographics. Here at…

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