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8 Tips To Facilitate Negotiation Skills In Sales Online Training

Has your sales staff mastered the fine art of negotiation? In this article, I’ll share 8 tips to help your sales employees seal the deal and improve customer satisfaction. How To Facilitate Negotiation Skills in Sales Online Training Sales employees require a broad range of skill sets to address customer needs and persuade them to…

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Infographic Guide to Games, Game-Based Learning and Gamification

Games, Game-based learning and Gamification have the potential to turn routine, mundane tasks into refreshing, motivating experiences. We had an informative post on Gamification a little while ago as well as a more in depth explanation of the difference between Games, Game-Based Learning and Gamification. While all three can keep us highly engaged in practicing…

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Game-Based Learning

The Difference Between Games, Game-Based Learning, and Gamification

In 2009 FarmVille owned the simulated farming world. Within a year of being released Farmville had 73 million monthly active users – 20% of Facebook’s 350 million users signed on to play the game on a monthly basis.Even more intriguing, 27.5 million users signed on every. Single. Day. If you somehow missed the revolution, Farmville…

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